As a licensed waste transporter, Environtama Perkasa relies on its 2 ( two) main elements :

1. Professional human resources, to provide and assure steady work process from client’s location, during progress, and arrival at final waste port.
2. Superior waste transportation system, ie, regularly maintained with standard unit cleaning procedure to ensure the best waste quality.

In addition to professional recruitment, our company also maintains a regular training to our staff & employees. Each driver is fully certified in operating waste vehicles.

Consequently, Envirotama Perkasa delivers cost-efficient and process-effective transporting service for the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

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In addition to transporting waste, Environtama Perkasa also provides waste collection service in various quantity using standardized protocol for the security and safety of our clients. The collection service is scheduled based on the needs of our customers.

By separating the waste characteristics and nature, all waste collecting process is conducted meticulously for the best outcome for the environment, minimal effect and optimum cost & time efficiency.

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Providing proper and professional waste management as a mandatory standard for different business, we’ve consistently handled a multiple spectrum of industries, such as Power Plant, Hospital, Mining, Automotive, Pulp & Paper, and Oil & Gas.

All Industrial Waste Management includes cost- effective transportation, treatment and disposal of cuttings, radioactive material ( NORM) wastes, and other residuals handling with the best and most secure procedure in the business.

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In treating waste with high potential threats to the public health or the environment, Envirotama Perkasa offers the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste that are regulated under the laws of Indonesia for a one-solution waste service.

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