Established in 2012, PT. Envirotama Perkasa is a certified waste management solution provider that is located in Tangerang.

Founded by Joseph P Heru Sanjaya, Envirotama Perkasa was established in affiliation with PT. Tiga Perisai Nusantara, a reputable maintenance service provider, distributor and manufacturer for coating and Polyurethane Elastomer finished products with portfolio ranging from PT. Vale Indonesia to Semen Tonasa.

In subsequence to the success of its sister company, Envirotama Perkasa has liaised with various companies in different business backgrounds. Working simultaneously with a vast network, Envirotama Perkasa is particularly focused on collection and transporting process in waste management.

In it business course, Envirotama Perkasa follows a strict and professional conduct code based on EHSC ( Environmental, Health, Safety and Compliance). We are constantly committed and dedicated as the business provider that is highly concentrated in delivering quality service centralized to the benefits of global environment.


  • Maintain a skillful and solid teamwork through professional human resources.
  • Create working opportunities in the waste industry for the benefits of the employees with dignity, self-worth and pride.
  • Participate as a significant part of the governmental acts in tackling waste issues in Indonesia.


While Envirotama Perkasa strives to make a healthy profit for its owners and a rewarding work environment of its employees, its truest business vision lies in creating an eco-friendly living space and making a better world for the sake of our generations to come.


“ “ As a proud Indonesian citizen, it is a delight to witness the continually soaring economic growth in our country. While there are a number of hits and misses in the past years, Indonesia is currently on the path to global development aiming to boost the productivity and prosperity of the nation at large.

With statistics continue to show the strengthening of our country to an average of 5% year on year, investment and export growth is at its highest in more than 4 years. Private consumption growth is indicated to increase, along with consumer sales and overall economic outlook.

All these data suggest a capacity rise in most of Indonesian sectors and industries; the trend that our government intends to maintain with positive targets in each period. On the other hand, related officials too have started to focus and paid much attention to the environment sector in order to minimize and eliminate industrial waste impacts to the society.

In keeping up with our growth and demand, lest we forget the our core existence is based on clean and healthy environment. A strong country is as good as its waste management, and we believe that the future lies in an excellent national waste management strategy, along with laws and regulations.

At Envirotama Perkasa, we work together as a team and present an united front in being an active part of waste solutions. Each industrial sector poses a different set of challenge such as Mining, Hospital, Oil & Gas, Power Plant and others- but it is our commitment to aim at ONE solution : professional waste management in Indonesia.

We foresee our country not only as a highly developed nation, but a clean and safe one as well. It is our mission to continually expand our capacity in an attempt to reach all locations in Indonesia, thus enabling business and industry owners to be a part in growing and clean Indonesia with ease. ”


  • Professional Standard Service

At Envirotama Perkasa, we pride ourselves as an honest and reliable company, geared to every client’s personal waste requirements. We take care of all your waste need and rise up to every professional challenge that helps you operate better.

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  • Improve Your Waste Goals

One of the most important business objectives is to help our clients with waste approaches that can minimize your waste, cost, and time. By offering the most effective waste solutions, our service not only reduce operating costs but also improves your business credentials as a company that cares about proper waste treatment.

  • Commitment to Best Waste Solutions

To initiate and innovate, our company understands that simply by doing regular waste solutions is not enough. We are committed to use the best waste treatment facilities with good ethics and technology follow-ups to benefit both your business and environment at the same time.

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  • Excellent Client Care

We believe that every industry and business can benefit from our comprehensive service. All clients are welcomed to discuss your waste management requirements at no cost and we will happily provide insight and information to better conduct your business operation.

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  • Legal Documentation. → ( click )
  • Licensed and Secure Waste Transportation ( tankers, wingbox trucks, box trucks, open bunk vehicles)
  • Separate warehouses for different types of waste ( oil & gas, reactive, common waste etc)
  • Security Personnel and 24 hour Surveillance
  • Survey & Administration Work for Waste Processing
  • Available throughout Indonesia, Sumatera & Java.

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  • Komplek Pergudangan Tunas Bitung
  • Blok A2 no: 9 rt. 003 rw. 002
  • Kab. Tangerang Banten
  • Indonesia
  • Telp : 021 - 2202 8046
  • Email : [email protected]

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